If you often feel like you are unable to relate to the styles of the modern day, you are not alone. Many people get attached to look from their childhood or adolescence and it can be tough to let those trends go as the years pass. Other people may not have lived through a particular decade or fad, but they see photos and find themselves attracted to certain looks for times gone by. The great news is you can recreate styles from any decade, as long as you know where to shop, what to choose and how to incorporate certain trends into your modern life. There are plenty of ways to create a feeling of throwback in your personal style and daily life. One option is to drive a classic old car. Someone who drives a used VW NJ or used Volkswagon New Jersey may be viewed as someone who years for the freedom of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Those who prefer a more classic look may opt for a vehicle from the 1950’s. Many of these cars are still running today because they were sturdy and well-made to begin with and their owners worked to keep them in great shape.

Your personal style is often the most obvious when it comes to your choose of fashion. The clothes you wear say a lot about you and what you like, so if you are fixated on a particular period in history, dress the part. You can shop at thrift stores for old-fashioned clothing, ask friends and relatives for their fashion cast-offs, make the clothing yourself in the style you are searching for or by pieces that are modeled after vintage looks. Usually a combination of these methods work best for stocking your wardrobe. Remember you can also acheive a great vintage look by mixing one or two older pieces with new clothing.

If you want to extend your personal style beyond just the clothing you wear, have your hair cut and styled in a manner that reflects the times. Some people have not updated their look since their favorite time period, but this may look tired and old. If you want a great look, speak with your stylist about a modernized version of your favorite period cut. Sometimes adding a little color or something a little edgier is enough to keep you looking fresh and stylish, even with a retro cut.

Instead of just focusing on your clothing, stretch your love of classic vintage to your home decor. Finding older pieces of furniture and restoring them so they look great is a fun project and relatively easy to accomplish. Shop at thrift stores and yard sales for older pieces that are sturdy and in fairly good shape. Then you can modernize the pieces with a fresh coat of paint and some great vintage accessories.

Finally, study your chosen time period. If you really have a passion for the vintage, be sure you are familiar with trends, movies, music and other popular culture from that time period. This will help you recreate the look of that time in all parts of your life.