The Japan based company, Mazda, has provided various types and styles of automobiles which incorporate the aesthetic quality and functionality. Management believes in supplying the market with optimum levels of safety and performance in every manufactured car that they hand over to their customers. Due to outstanding product design, interior and features, the automotive media has developed a bias towards the Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan. One of the vehicles that the company considers as a remarkable invention is the Mazda3.

This vehicle is not the company’s latest release. In fact, Mazda3 has been around the market for quite some time now. Several versions of the car have already been made and presented to different parts of the world. For instance, the base model’s tires and wheels can measure up to 15 inches wheel. On the other hand, the high end variations can reach 17 inches wheel. Depending on the type of model, the vehicle may have an ABS and a brake force distributor which is electronically operated.

Presently, in the year 2010, a new version has been released. The bumper gives the redesigned model a more aggressive and dominant profile. For some who have been used to the car’s softer look, the new version can be an acquired taste. Critics appreciate other more remarkable changes and find that they can forgive the bumper alteration because of other improvements. A very popular aspect for the critics is the car’s interior. It has to be noted that this version doesn’t quite belong in the class of expensive sedans. However, the quality of the materials used for this newer model is exemplary. Another luxurious addition is the new functions that not only provide more convenience to the riders, but also give an atmosphere of class. Then again, compared to other cars in its segment, these new functions can be a bit tedious to operate. Taking into consideration the price of the vehicle, the sophisticated interior won’t disappoint, making it worth every penny you invest in a Mazda.

Ultimately, the new Mazda3 stands above its counterparts due to the sporty exterior compared to most sedans. The sides of the car look broader and can easily outweigh the simpler lines its competitors have to offer. This design element is comparable to other Mazda models like the CX-5 and CX-9; although on this particular instance, it is used on a sedan. Performance wise, it’s in the top league. People who have driven the new model have proven the worthiness of the vehicle in terms of enhanced acceleration. The distinct sound that comes from the engine is still present, less the noise. Most car enthusiasts appreciate the controls and quick response of the brakes, not to mention the improved suspension.

For 2011, a newer version of the Mazda3 will be released. The only modification with regard to the vehicle is that other options are available to the whole model line-up. If your checking the market for a reasonably priced, classy and sporty car. You need not look any further.