When your car breaks down, you want to know that help will be on the way quickly. But why pay for separate car breakdown cover, when your car insurance policy may provide roadside assistance as an optional extra?

There are optional extras within your car breakdown policy which could make a breakdown almost stress free.

Many companies offer breakdown cover starting from as little as £40. Some also offer different levels of cover to meet a range of breakdown needs, whether you breakdown on the roadside, at home, or even whilst driving in Europe.

The most comprehensive level of breakdown cover would be the European Rescue policy, as this covers you if you break down at home or on the roadside, plus up to 90 days of European breakdown cover, recovery to any destination in the UK, a service especially for caravans and trailers and money towards alternative transport or accommodation if necessary.

Breaking down causes enough complications, however there may be extras in your policy which make life a bit easier when you’re stuck on the hard shoulder. Some breakdown services offer a message service, for example, which will let friends and family know that you’ve broken down. You no longer need to fret about people wondering where you are, as they will be reliably informed by your service provider. You may also need to get to the garage where your car is being repaired, and luckily reputable car breakdown policies will cover the cost of transporting you and your car to the nearest garage if your car can't be fixed at the roadside.

In a worst case scenario, you may even have to spend the night somewhere you hadn’t planned to. If your car breaks down late in the day, there may be no way you can get your car fixed and arrive at your destination on time. In these circumstances your breakdown cover may offer to cover the up to £150 for the cost of alternative accommodation for you and your passengers. They may also use this same budget to cover the price of alternative road, rail or air travel to get you to your destination.

Breakdowns are everyone’s worse nightmare, however if you have car breakdown coverage in your insurance policy – you may find the breakdown runs a lot smoother than you could have hoped. With little extras like transport and accommodation covered, all you have to think about it is getting back on the road as soon as possible.

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