There are many reasons to buy a new car, but, there are also many reasons to buy a used car. It used to be that buying a used car was going to result in a car that would just get you from point A to point B. The radio probably did not work and the handles were loose if not falling off. You may want to know why it is better to buy a used car vs a new car.

This is not the case anymore. Buying a used car can be a more than satisfactory experience. Used cars in these days are much better than they used to be with improved performance, and there are much better selections than ever before. But the main reason that people still get them is because of their price. They are just so much less expensive that new ones.

Price is a huge factor in buying a used car. Of course, whenever you decide to buy a car, the price is going to be the biggest factor. Will you be able to afford it without too much strain on the bank account or not is the question you will face. Used cars are typically thousands of dollars less than new cars. If your budget does not allow for a new car, then used is the way to go for you.

Now, used cars get treated very well by dealers. Dealers know that when a used car comes in, they can fix it up and inspect it to make sure they get the most money for their deal. Used car dealers have certification programs that show you that the car you are looking at has not only been inspected, it has been tuned up and repaired, if needed.

The used cars that go through these programs are later model cars that hold their value very well and are very recent models. The inspections these used cars go through are generally 100 plus point inspections that get very detailed. If you choose one of these cars, then some dealers will offer special financing,

A new car, when driven off the lot for the very first time will depreciate in value. The depreciation will be huge. A used car, when driven off the lot, will not depreciate like a new one. It will keep it's value better.

A used car performs much like a new one. If it has been taken care of over the years from the previous owner, then it will give you years and years of reliable service. The quality of the used cars that show up on car lots is greatly improved. They are comfortable, and they run very well.

There are not many differences in buying a used car from a new one. New ones have never been driven before, but, if that used car has been taken care of, it will drive just like a new one. It will be less expensive, and the insurance that you need to put on it will be less as well.