The 2010 Acura TL is the ultimate modern luxury car due to its effortless blend of comfort, luxury and nifty high-tech gadgets. The styling is rather dramatic with a very prominent and pointed front grille; reviewers either love it or hate it. The grille does work to distinguish the TL from other cars on the road; no other ride looks quite like it. The body consists of smooth and strong lines and swooping C-pillars. The 2010 Acura TL is available in two trims; the base trim and the SH-AWD mode. The base model includes sport 17” wheels, a sunroof, heated seats, plush and comfortable leather seating, Bluetooth compatibility, a premium sound system that works with most personal audio players.

TL’s base model is propelled by a six cylinder 3.5 Ltr with 280 hp and 254 pound feet of torque. The SH-AWD model comes with a V6 3.7 Ltr with a more robust 305 HP. Handling is excellent thanks to the light weight engine made out of aluminum and a hollow cam shaft. Gas mileage stands at 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the freeway. The base model is ideal as a commuter vehicle or running errands around the city whereas the AWD model offers superior handling and braking for drivers who demand intense performance. It is the sporty AWD trim level that is more comparable to athletic and high performance based cars like the 3 series from BMW whereas the base model is a more sedate and more comparable to vehicles such as the Lexus ES.

The interior is very contemporary and combines the use of metallic trim, leather and high grade materials. Opt for the Technology Package and receive sweet features like a massive navigation screen with up to date weather and traffic info. Voice recognition is enabled which allows you to perform functions such as change cd discs or input an address by simply stating a command. The GPS Linked Temperature Control system (included with Technology Package) actually monitors the sun’s position in order to keep each side of the vehicle at the temperature you desire. Trunk space for the front wheel drive is at a generous 13.1 cubic ft. The standard audio system comes with 8 speakers and a 8 inch subwoofer for 276 watts of sound. The cd changer plays mp3 and wma files plus the audio system comes with a USB jack.

As you would expect from such a contemporary car, the TL is loaded with the latest safety features. The ABS system maintains control during abrupt stops. The Vehicle Stability Assist system works to keep the auto stable during understeer or oversteer situations. The Advanced Compatibility Engineering helps to protect occupants from crash force during an accident. A total of 6 airbags are included consisting of two front bags, two front side bags and two side curtain bags for all-around protection.

If you have a penchant for high tech gadgets and want a car that offers luxury and comfort, then the 2010 TL would be quite suitable. The starting price of the 2010 TL is approximately $35k and may vary depending on the trim model and optional packages selected. Bonus points for the TL include its premium sound system (which is standard) plus its optional Technology Package which should leave high-tech gadget fans giddy.