It might be quite perplexing to think of a car wash without water. In commercial car washes, you have pressurized water sprays and foams of car shampoo slathered on your car with specially designed rolling brushes and wipers. At your high school car wash fundraiser, you have students with buckets of water, foaming the cars with soapy foams. This way of washing your car, however, has been found to be harmful to the environment. While we certainly cannot reverse the damage that this practice has already done, there is still a way through which we can prevent further damage. From the conventional car washing, we can opt to wash our cars through waterless valeting.

A waterless carwash works by lifting away dirt from the car’s surface. Through the chemicals in the waterless car wash spray, the dirt molecules are encased and lifted off from the paint surface without damaging it. Some waterless car wash sprays are fortified with a protective additive, usually carnauba wax, which leaves a gleam in the car’s surface. Polishing ingredients are also contained in the sprays that serve to buff out surface scratches. These products are environmentally friendly compared to their water counterparts, as they do not add to the toxic deposits that flow into the oceans and other waterways. As it is entirely waterless, using them does not deplete the earth’s water resources.

Using waterless valeting is a lot more convenient than conventional carwashes. It uses fewer resources and is less tedious to do. The entire process is done in three simple steps with a simple spray, wipe, and buff. While the conventional method would require a separate waxing procedure, the protective and polishing components contained in the waterless car wash spray does everything in one go. Other benefits of the waterless car wash when compared to conventional car washes include: UV protection, no discoloration, all-weather application, and a long shelf life. The waterless car wash provides all your car exterior cleaning needs in one product. All in all, this product is a really convenient way to take care of your car. You get the same beautifully sleek look without all the pains, mess, and expenses of doing it the conventional way.

The popularity of the waterless car is not only confined to users. Those who have started their own waterless valeting businesses have been getting more customers that they can handle. There is a whole lot of room for other entrepreneurs who wish to go into franchising of these waterless car wash businesses. Some franchises offer an entire business package with very affordable fees. With your package comes your supply of a range of waterless car wash products, marketing support, and operations training support among others. As customer queue in waterless car washes indicate, there is a great business opportunity in waterless car cleaning service. Another advantage to the availability of these waterless car wash products is that you can even go mobile if you want. You do not even have to have your own car with a mobile waterless car wash service. All it takes is a little elbow grease and your reliable line of waterless cleaning products.