Hybrid cars are rising in popularity due to their fuel efficiency and ability to offer a substantial amount of savings at the pump. So far the major player has been Toyota with its popular Prius but the 2010 Ford Fusion is making an impressionable splash with its beautiful interior, technological gadgets and good looks.

Since it is a hybrid, the Fusion uses both a traditional engine and electric motor. The Fusion hybrid is equipped with a 2.5 Ltr 4 cylinder gasoline engine with 156 hp and 136 lb feet of torque. The electric motor produces 106 HP. The engine makes use of a Continuously Variable Transmission and as a result you can’t even tell when the car switches from gas to electric mode; it’s virtually undetectable. This car can reach 0-60 in 8.7 seconds which may not seem super fast when compared to a traditional car but it’s that’s pretty fast for a hybrid vehicle. Gas mileage is 41 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the freeway. What’s truly impressive is this car can reach speeds of up to 47 mph utilizing just the battery power. No other hybrid car can go that fast using just battery power alone.

This car was designed with lots of care to the environment. The interior features eco-conscious upholstery and foam seats. Lots of soft fabric touches are found throughout the interior, which give the car a cozy and inviting aura. There is room to seat five persons plus the seats are soft and comfortable . Ford’s voice activated Sync system is in place which allows compatibility with Bluetooth smart phones and allows you to place telephone calls hands free . Simply say out loud the word “traffic” and receive instant traffic updates over your stereo’s speakers. You can also receive step-by-step directions to all your destinations via this system.

Other thoughtful options included are a dual zone climate control system, keyless power entry, a traction control system, an anti lock brake system, seventeen inch wheels and a premium audio system. It has been noted that the trunk space is a bit smaller at 11.8 cubic feet versus that of the traditional Fusion because part of the battery is stored inside the trunk.

One trim is available for this ride but of course you can add in any optional packages that suit your needs. Leather appointed seats and a navigation system can easily be included. You can even toss in a hard drive in order to store all your favorite tunes. The Moon & Tune option includes a sunroof and a Sony audio system with twelve speakers so you can crank up all your favorite songs.

The base price of the 2010 Fusion Hybrid is around $27k which is a great deal considering that this may be one of the best all-around hybrid vehicles on the market. This car offers great mileage, a beautiful interior, amazing good looks on the outside plus its built in the U.S.A! If you’re shopping around for a Hybrid than the Fusion would be a prime choice.