Every car owner wants to maintain their car looks as good as they are, or sometimes better. Some are actually spending several hundreds of dollar to customize it and look more groovy and fashionable to fit their personality and interests. But what are the basic steps of making your car look good? You need to wash it, polish, and wax and take care of the chrome.

Washing: To keep your car looking as good as possible, one of your main concerns should be the regular wash job. You can do it easily with simply preparing a hose, plenty of water and auto washing compound. Always park the car in the shade when doing this. Hose or wipe along the edges of the trim moldings and the undersides of fenders, bumpers and wheels wells. Start washing the car using large pieces of toweling from the top downward. Rinse it. Dry car with damp, towel or clean chamois. If your car has vinyl-covering, do not use harsh detergents.

Polishing: Washing is not enough to keep your car looking good and new. Regular polishing is needed. Using liquid cream polish or pre-wax cleaner is the easiest way to polish a car. It eliminates surface dirt that can scratch the paint. Again, park your car first in the shade because heat of the metal surface can affect the cleaning action. Use clean cloth and do circular motion to polish the surface. It will rapidly dry so do one panel at a time. Rub off the residue with clean, dry cloth. Make sure you have treated all the surfaces. Buff out the edges of the trunk, cracks, crevices, doors, and hood and trunk lid.

Waxing: More on washing and polishing, waxing is the best overall protection you can give the finish of your car. It can give your car a shield from the damage that strong detergents can give, air pollution and weather. It is available in the market in liquid and paste form. Paste type is more durable while liquid type takes less effort and time to apply. As usual, wash the car thoroughly and park it in the shade before waxing. Dampen soft, clean cloth with water and apply the wax. Do only one panel at a time. Get the wax into all crevices in the car body. Wife off the residue immediately because polish will dry quickly. After removing residues, lightly buff the surface using soft, clean cloth. When water beads on the surface, it means you did a good wax job.

Chrome Care: Some of car’s bright trim work is no longer made of metal. Care and precaution are needed to keep chrome looking new. Some used plastic as substitute. But whether the trim is metal or plastic, we can keep it looking new by using a commercial chrome cleaner followed by a protective coating. Paste made from water and baking soda can be a very useful alternative cleaner. The best procedure is to use the commercial cleaner to go over all the bright trim and use the baking soda and water solution to remove the remaining stains. Not protecting the chrome after cleaning can make the stain return. A coat of durable clear acrylic is best to cover as much as the bright work as possible. Surfaces that are protected will not stain and are safe from most weather damage.